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Wedding Brunch Party for the Family

By Gail Leino

A brunch party is just the thing for those couple about to get married and hoping to help their two families get to know each other before the big day. Tensions within the family can develop on your wedding day so why not make sure everyone gets along beforehand with a fun brunch party featuring lots of food, games and wedding talk. This is also a great party that can be made fun for the kids who may have been dragged to the wedding by their parents.

Pastels are very popular colors for this theme and you'll find lots of pink and blue invitations to send to guests announcing the informal brunch. You can also use invitations that match your wedding color theme or some very fancy and fun, silver or gold invitations. Party kits are also available with these color themes containing lots of plates, cups, napkins, and a tablecloth or two for the buffet. But don't forget the extras that really accent the party area. You can get inflatable guitars and drums and scatter them around the dance floor for fun. To entertain the kids: Get a Piñata and fill it with candy and make it the good stuff like chocolate.

Some other games that will help to bring the two families together are the three legged race and Tag. Make the adults play and if you have a game that requires teams don't let people who know each other pair up. Instead put everyone's names inside a hat and have players draw to see who their teammate will be.

Send everyone home from the brunch with a small goodie bag. It can be very inexpensive, but will provide the guests with something to remember the event by. For the kids think about putting in some stickers, crayons and mini coloring books, candy, and temporary tattoos and for the adults you can put in a nice votive candle, flowers or petals, and a thank you card.

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Article Source: www.ezinearticles.com

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