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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy A New Wedding Dress

By Emma Goddard

Every bride wants to look her best for her big day; it is the day when you want to shine and stand out as you walk down the aisle. One of the most important things a bride considers about her big day is of course the wedding gown. It should be the dress of your dreams and you should feel like a princess. However buying a new wedding dress isnít always the best option. Here are 7 reasons why you shouldnít buy a new wedding dress.

1. Perhaps the biggest reason that goes against purchasing a new wedding dress is the cost. Wedding dresses average from the cheapest at around £350 to well over £6,000, of course while it is your big day, it is a lot of money for a dress. If you are on a budget then buying a second hand dress could save you hundreds which could go towards other costs.

2. You are only going to be wearing the gown for a few hours on your big day and this is more relevant if you are going to change clothes for your evening reception. So you should ask yourself whether the few hours wear is worth the cost of buying a new dress.

3. Wearing a second hand wedding dress that has been passed down through the family holds more sentimental value than going out and buying a brand new one. You should take this into account when considering whether to go with new or old.

4. If you spend hundreds of pounds on a new dress, you could be on tenterhooks all day making sure you donít have an accident which could ruin your dress, especially if you want to recoup your costs by selling it in the future.

5. If you are thinking of buying a new wedding dress solely for the impact it will have on your guests, then remember that it is only the initial first 10 minutes or so that they see you in it that matters. After this, the wow factor wears off and only you know whether your dress was brand new or second hand.

6. Consider whatís going to happen to the dress after your big day. If you spend hundreds on a new dress how are you going to preserve it and store it for the future? If you plan on keeping it for your daughter, it could cost a lot to keep it in good condition.

7. It isnít the cost of the dress or the designer name on the dress that matters or the fact that your dress is brand new or second hand. You are all that matters, you make the dress and your day. A good quality second hand wedding dress can be bought for only a fraction of the cost of a new one and you will still stand out.

Emma Goddard is Marketing Director of Share the Dream. Share the Dream is an internet based bridal advertising site which brings together buyers and sellers of new and pre-worn wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and accessories. Our service is available in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and we have hundreds of gorgeous bridal gowns and wedding attire available for sale at any one time.

Article Source: www.ezinearticles.com

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