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A Beautiful Wedding Dress Does Not Have To Cost A Fortune

If you are planning your wedding, but find that your budget isn't what you thought it would be, no problem. You can look like a princess, even on a limited budget.

EZ Wedding Planning

Now, I'm not a wedding planner by profession, but I'm a bride who has just been married. And that's exactly why you should listen to me. Because "Just-Been-Married Bride" can give you a lot more than what professional wedding planners can. I can tell you things that most wedding planners don�t know or feel.

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

There�s no doubt about it, weddings can be expensive. The average cost of a wedding today is $20,000 � $25,000, and weddings are estimated to be a $25.3 billion industry.

Utah Wedding Videographers

Sending Wedding Invitations

We all know that the cost of weddings can be staggering and it is normally the little incidentals like wedding invitations that cause costs to spiral out of control.

Treasured Memories Video
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Just Launched:

Utah Wedding Podcast

Watch the wedding planning show
for free on your iPod!

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