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How to be more "Videogenic"

by James Ellison
Copyright 2006

All of us know people who are photogenic. No matter when or where the shutter snaps, they always come out looking great. Although we can't all be like that, there are a few tricks that can help ensure that your wedding video will be one that you will have you looking your best.

First, help your photographer and videographer to work together. Most photographers and videographers will coordinate their work and perform as a team. Occasionally, they don't. You can help facilitate this by letting the photographer know that you will also be using a professional videographer, whose service is also important to you. If they will pause between shots to allow the videographer to complete his shot, the end result will be better video with less photographer elbows and hips in the way.

Don't chew gum. This seems like common sense, but is a relatively common problem. Video shots take longer to create and will capture your every movement. Gum chewing will limit your quality video to just those moments when everyone pauses for the photographer. Encourage others in your party to likewise abstain from their "Wrigley's habit".

Most importantly, smile. Let your face know that this is the most important day in your life. Keep your face in a happy and natural position. Be aware of your expression and beware of little nervous behaviors such as lip licking, mouth wiping or playing with your hair or wardrobe.

As the shot develops in a gum free zone, without the intrusion of others, and captures a smiling bride and groom, your chances of looking magnificent are going to be pretty darn good!

About the Author:
James Ellison is the owner of Ellison Video Productions, LLC. His company has a superior track record of satisfied customers for years. Contact him for his services at Utah Wedding Videographers - Ellison Video Productions

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