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The Top 3 Options For Buying Wedding Cakes

By Michael Perry

One of the most stunning visuals at any reception is that of wedding cakes. From simplicity to the most elaborate of designs, wedding cakes can be created in a variety of ways to suit even the most selective of couples.

There are several ways in which to obtain wedding cakes, including ordering one from a bakery, having a local designer create one or even making it yourself if you are on a tight budget. It may be surprising, but wedding cakes are not difficult to make and can be done very economically.

The first and most obvious option to obtaining wedding cakes is to visit a bakery and browse their cake options. Where wedding cakes are concerned, orders may need to be placed several weeks prior to the ceremony in order to guarantee delivery. It is best to ask if the bakery can also deliver the cake to the site of the reception and, if so, whether or not that is included in the price.

The next option, having a local designer who specializes in wedding cakes to create the masterpiece for your reception, is one that may be the most expensive. Depending on the level of experience and the complexity desired for the cake, hiring a professional wedding cake designer can run into some big bucks. This option does, however, provide the most personalization without having to actually make the cake yourself.

The final option in wedding cakes is to actually make the cake yourself. Wilton, one of the largest names in cake design and instruction, offers a catalog that provides everything you will need to get started. From the cake pans to the pillars and even the cake toppers, Wilton is the place to look for the do-it-yourself wedding cakes. The main drawback to creating wedding cakes for your own wedding is that it is quite time consuming and you will find that you may panic over every little detail if it isn't perfect. The upside, however, is that you have complete control over the cake and nobody has a larger interest invested than you to make it the perfect centerpiece for your reception. A lot of people avoid making their own wedding cakes for fear of having to decorate it, but Wilton offers cake decorating courses and other specialty stores may even have videos to help you learn the process of cake decorating.

Selecting wedding cakes is one of the many exciting traditions that most couples enjoy while planning their wedding. From the budget conscious to the elaborate, there are cake designs and purchasing options to suit every couple.

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