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Diamond Wedding Rings; What Many Fail to Consider

By Shayna Schnereger

In all of the excitement while shopping for diamond wedding rings don't forget to think about the practical side of your purchase. Not to be a damper on all of your excitement but really who wants to lay down thousands of dollars on a diamond wedding ring just to realize a few weeks later that it's not what the jeweler said it was or that it's too big and in the way.

To some of you the thought of diamond wedding rings ever being too big is absurd. But in actuality this happens all too often. After the first few weeks of wearing that diamond wedding ring around, many women decide it's not really what they should have gotten.

Usually they still think it's brilliant, sparkly, and beautiful but it's too big. Women do a lot in a day. Whether they're a hardworking mom or an out-of-the-home career woman, they're constantly busy. Typing, filing papers, serving food, putting together bouquets, changing oil filters, making bottles, cleaning up after the children; whatever it is that keeps them busy it's important to find a diamond wedding ring that fits their daily agenda.

I've heard way too many women complaining about their wedding rings. Someone pays them a compliment about how beautiful it is and their response sounds something like this, "it's too big, I should've gotten something smaller because it catches on everything." I've heard women complain about every aspect of diamond wedding rings.

Included in those complaints are: It's too heavy, it's too bulky, it sticks up too high, it's too sharp, it's too big, it runs into everything, it snags on everything, it scratches the kids, it scratches the customers, it snags on the sheets.

And those are just the women that are still wearing their wedding rings. Plenty of women don't even wear their diamond wedding ring anymore because it's such a hassle. Other women have tucked that bigger diamond ring away and have bought a ring that has diamonds that are flush with the band because it's so much more convenient.

Not every woman is going to want a ring that is convenient. But many of them do and you really should take this into consideration when shopping for diamond wedding rings. Some of the diamonds are set really high; you could ask the jeweler if they could lower the diamond so that it doesn't stick out so much.

Another great alternative is to get a ring that has diamonds flush with the band. There is such a large selection of diamond wedding rings to choose from that there shouldn't be any problem finding one that she'll love. Be smart about your purchase and consider everything when picking out that beautiful diamond wedding ring. You'll be glad you did when your wife can function normally while wearing that brilliant symbol of love.

If a diamond is going to last forever make sure that she'll wear it forever. For more helpful tips about buying diamond wedding rings visit Shayna Schnereger at http://online-jewelry-guide.com

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