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How to Add Charm to Your Wedding Gown

By Nasta

Every bride-to-be feels a natural desire to be the most beautiful and mysterious lady on her wedding day ever. This article will introduce you into the secrets of applying distinctive wedding accessories. With the help of these items even if wearing an unpretentious dress, you will look in the most original and charming way.

What about Bridal Veils?

Among the range of wedding accessories a bridal veil is the most important detail of the bride’s overall appearance that makes it completed.

According to the latest fashion trends, a bride should not feel in any way limited as for choosing a suitable bridal veil. She may prefer a model of any shape and length – from a really short veil model to the extremely long one, or even an original veil transformed into a majestic train. Some designers suggest the idea that the length of a veil depends upon the degree of the official nature of the wedding reception.

A lot of fashion-forward brides give their preference to a multilayered veil. The upper layer of such a veil has an appealing peculiarity – it gently covers the bride’s face. It will probably remind you some romantic movie episode when a bride enters the church with her face not visible through a veil and then in the most solemn atmosphere the groom uncovers his sweetheart’s face.

There is one more option you may consider – instead of a traditional veil you may decorate your hair-style with artificial or natural flowers, a diadem or a tiara. Before you stop your choice at something in particular, think over about the accessory to match the style of the dress. It is possible to have any veil arranged in a hair-style in different ways.

For example, the first alternative is to have it placed to the higher position together with a flower diadem. One more original way out is the arrangement in the angel’s-wings-style when a veil runs down covering the bride’s back. Flowers to Embellish Your Hair-style

Today it is quite common to see flowers embellishing the hair-style of a bride. Naturally, over time the idea of using decorative flowers has been gradually modified. At present moment, a lot of brides get fascinated by diadems from natural flowers.

You may choose a nice opportunity to have flowers, or natural or artificial flower branches, gently plaited into your hairstyle. Some hair-designers know how to make your hairstyle absolutely matchless by embellishing your hair with flower compositions united with feathers or lace. You may even find flowers with some lace-elements to match the pattern of the wedding gown and the veil. If you find the idea of romantic flowers just not for you, consider choosing a large-sized dissymmetric flower or big flowers composed together.

Tippets are Back into Fashion

What is a tippet? This is a light lacy shawl designed to cover the bride’s shoulders. This elegant and original detail will nicely complement your wedding gown’s style. It is advisable to choose a lace featuring the pattern matching the pattern of the dress. A lot of dress models are initially offered together with the suitable tippets and gloves. You may also come across still fashionable feather tippets.

Gloves – Optional but Magic

Not all the brides wear gloves nowadays. It may be explained by a number of reasons. Some brides think that gloves will create problems when the groom has to put a wedding ring on her finger. On the wedding reception the gloves should not be worn, so the brides do not want to destroy their complete image. However, why not to wear gloves with open fingers? You will have no necessity to take them off during the whole celebration. So, this detail is naturally optional. Still, any fashion designer will tell you that gloves will add a zest to your appearance.

Be Careful in your Choice of Jewelry

There is one general rule to be remembered by all the brides when they face the choice of the best wedding jewelry accessories. If you are going to wear a chic wedding dress, the best choice for you is plain jewelry accessories. A modest dress will be just magnificent with the most eye-catching accessories. These elements should also correspond to the bride’s hair-style.

In some cases, when the bride has no gloves on her hands, she may wear a refined bracelet. The present-day achievements in the area of jewelry and watch-making give every lady a chance to wear an unconventional lady’s replica watch not possible to be distinguished from a fine piece of jewelry.

If you think a reliable replica watch is something you will not be able to do without on your wedding day, look through on-line replica watches catalogues. You will no doubt find qualitative replicas at very a very affordable price range. You will provide yourself with a gorgeous accessory and a trustworthy timekeeping device that will serve you even after your wedding day is left behind.

Remember about the Bag

Some brides find it really comfortable to have a tiny bag hanging from the wrist. Your bag and the dress should be produced out of the same material. There you may put such vital for any lady things as a lipstick, a powder-box, and a handkerchief.

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