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Wise advice on the brideís sterling silver jewelry

by Rick Martin

Thereís a wedding coming up. You are invited. Someone you really care about is getting married and you are wondering what to buy. You donít want her to receive a gift she wonít need and will have to throw away or worse Ė keep it around and detest it. Well, Iíve got the answer for you. Sterling silver jewelry Ė itís a gift she wonít be able to forget, special and forever in her heart.

Selecting the brideís gift should be a delight. This experience should be dear to you as the person that is getting married is as well. Besides, buying sterling silver jewelry is not very difficult as there are many guides particularly written for this job. You can find online help or you can use your own instincts and a few tips this article will offer. The selection of a sterling silver jewelry gift is based on several criteria: the sum of money you are willing to spend, the location of the wedding and the wedding color theme if there is one.

You probably wouldnít want to pay attention to such trivial matters like money as your intention is to give the bride the perfect present. But, however dear this person is to you, sterling silver jewelry has to be picked out according to your budget. There is a large variety of silver jewelry: plain, with a certain style, with gems, all incredibly attractive. Depending on the quality, weight and gemstones, the silver jewelry may cost more than you expected. Everyone knows this precious metal is very fashionable and affordable by any pocket, but you would be amazed by how many options there are regarding sterling silver jewelry and by how much work is done to create a wonderful, perfect ornament. Just think about what youíll see and how you will have to make a decision. There will be sterling silver jewelry with flower or animal shapes, sterling silver jewelry with Gothic, Celtic, casual, contemporary and vintage style. Choosing a stone wonít be easy as silver jewelry with diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies and so many more will be present in front of your eyes. So, money restrictions can be of help when deciding what to buy as each item will have a certain price depending on how well crafted it is and on what stone it has.

As unusual as it may seem, the location of the wedding is very important. Whether it takes place in a church, in a garden or on the beach, the event will have a certain style and the silver jewelry has to be appropriately chosen. And, if you think of style, then pay extra attention to the bride because she is the one that chooses her and her bridesmaidsí dresses. The wedding gown and, more specifically, the neckline will tell you if a necklace is a good idea or not and what type to choose. Sterling silver jewelry for the neck is usually matched with earrings. Silver jewelry for the brideís neck is however a bad idea if the bride doesnít have a low or open neckline. Chandeliers are your primary focus in this case. Because the sterling silver jewelry is very important in the outfit of the bride, you have to be careful to the tone of the wedding. Donít buy sterling silver jewelry that is too casual or too formal for the environment!

Last, but not least, the theme color of the wedding can guide you in your quest for the perfect gift. Although sterling silver jewelry goes well with any bridal dress whether it is soft white, cream, ivory or any blush color, silver jewelry comes with gem stones that may have certain colors. They have to match with the theme color of the event or at least be appropriately chosen. Silver jewelry can have gems with vibrant colors that express vivacity or they can have pastel colors that remind of grace and innocence. The theme color can be seen in the outfits, in the linen tablecloths, in the balloons, ceremonial ribbons and decorative flowers. The silver jewelry doesnít have to be an exception, but it doesnít necessarily have to match either. Sterling silver jewelry with gems has to compliment the beauty of the bride, not detract from it. This is why the color of the skin, the haircut and hairstyle, the color of the eyes, the make-up and other tiny details you might overlook are very important. This is the moment to prove your love for color. You mustnít forget that this is her happiest day and you can contribute to her joy by making her a silver sterling jewelry present she will never forget.

As so many things come into play when buying the silver jewelry gift, a good idea would be to have someone else close to the bride to give you a second opinion and advice. Itís not wise to do it all yourself because silver jewelry is a sensitive part of the wedding and you, as well as everyone else, want it to be perfect. The search, however attentive it may be, will surely be a pleasant one and an experience to keep with you for a long time.

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