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The Winter Wedding

by Luca Salamone

Winter can be a wonderful time for a Wedding. The season will bring intimacy, style and that sense of movie magic to your day. With the right planning you can easily turn your wedding day into a winter wonderland.

There are probably lots of ideas you and your partner can come up with on your own for this day, however, I have made a brief outline of some of them to help you on your way.


•You could use snowy Christmas card style invitations, covered with glitter and frost.
•Fill the cards with a little snowflake confetti.
•Use winter card shapes such as snowmen and snowflakes.


•Ice cube place card holders.
•Miniature wedding snow globes.
•Silver bells.
•White crackers with your guests names on.
•White Christmas balls with your guests names on.
•For centrepieces you could have bride and groom snowmen.
•Hot chocolate mix with marshmallows.


•A singer who will perform all those winter favourites from the 1950’s onwards (Christmas Crooner tracks).
•A DJ who is willing to incorporate something similar and possibly provide a snow machine (Check with your venue if this is OK first).


•Lots of candle light.
•Silver bells and white ribbon.
•Hang artificial silver snowflakes from the ceiling with transparent wire.
•Frame the doorways and bar area with white painted branches and lights, then finish off by spraying them with artificial snow and glitter.
•Decorate the tables with white poinsettias.


•A white cake with silver fabric.
•You can buy some fantastic cake toppers for the winter wedding cake if you do searching online.
•You can decorate your cake with snowmen, snowflakes and other winter favourites.


•Arrive by a white horse and carriage. You could also both arrive to the reception this way-wrapped up nice and warm in a faux-fur throw.
•Arrive in a white limousine.


•White poinsettias, carnations, roses, lilies and magnolias.
•You could carry an all white bouquet or just a single white rose.
•Instead of carrying flowers, the younger bridesmaids could carry cuddly snowmen.

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can make the perfect Winter Wedding. Between the two of you, I’m sure you will find ways in which to add your own personal touches.

Luca Salamone Website: http://www.vocalshow.co.uk Biography: Luca is a professional trained vocalist performing for a variety of events including wedding receptions. UK Wedding Singer.

Article Source: www.articlecity.com

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