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Wedding Flower Arrangements

By Eddie Tobey

Each wedding is unique in its essence and so are its flower arrangements. It reflects the personal preferences and style of the bride. These are some of the points about the arrangements.

Flower arrangements include everything from the bridal bouquet to the central pieces in tables. There is no guide to proper flower arrangement. Anything personal would do the trick. Flower arrangement includes everything: the flowers, the colors, the greenery and the garnish.

There are various things which can be incorporated in a flower arrangement. Small flowers can be attached to candles to create centerpieces. Flower buds can be arranged in bowls of water to be placed in the reception. Flowers can be attached to archways to indicate the entrance. The same color scheme can be followed throughout, including ribbons and beads according to mood, budget and style.

Wedding flower arrangements can be added in areas like dressing rooms, guest room tables, reception table, gift table, church door handles and so forth.

Choosing a good florist is very important. A florist whose general idea matches with the bride does tend to be more successful with last minute replacements. The choice of the bride and groom, the location, the color of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ gown- all set the mood for a particular flower arrangement. Bouquets can be of many shapes and sizes, proportionate to the size of the person carrying it.

Some of the most popular arrangements are:

Round: sometimes called a “colonial bouquet”. This type has the flowers bunched together into a tight or loose cluster and can include formal or informal arrangements.

Nosegay: A small round cluster of flowers, often not as dense as traditional round bouquets. It often includes more greenery and ribbon streamers.

Cascade: sometimes called the teardrop or waterfall, this arrangement can give a “wispy” feel. Flowers with heavy blooms are arranged with flowing foliage.

Biedermeier: A European-inspired bouquet with blossoms of different types and colors placed in a defined circular pattern.

Heart: often seen at Valentine's Day, symbolizing love and romance. It is an alternatively shaped bouquet featuring two full, arched shapes at the top, while tapering down to a point at the bottom of the bouquet.

Single stem: While not technically a bouquet, single-stem arrangements have gained in popularity in recent years, as simplicity has become the trend. Single-stem designs generally feature a unique design element, such as an intricately wrapped stem (for a long-stemmed flower), elaborate bow, streamers, or a decorative lace bloom collar (for a shorter-stemmed flower) to give the design more interest and appeal.

Basket: flowers arranged and carried in a shallow basket and often used in a garden-like wedding setting, most often carried by young attendants.

These are the basic popular wedding flowers arrangements. They are as unique as any individual wedding.

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