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How To Rent A Limousine

by Mads Phican

Like most people you probably only plan to rent a limousine for the most important days in your life. Those important days could for example be a prom at your school, your wedding or the funeral of one of your loved ones. On such days you donít want anything to go wrong. You should therefore, in addition to all the other things you probably need to do, ensure that your transportation will be in perfect order.

First of all you must check the reliability of the limousine service. How long have they been in business and can you be absolutely sure that they will turn up as planned. The reliability of the limousine service is probably the most important thing to check. Just imagine how it could ruin for example your wedding if your transportation doesnít work out as you have planned.

Besides checking the reliability of the limousine service, you should also check the reliability of the vehicle itself. You should check the age of the vehicle and whether it is clean or not. It is not unheard of that people have to use a vehicle that surely hasnít been cleaned since the party it was used for the day before. In relation to cleaning, you might also want to check if it is normally allowed to smoke in the limousine.

You should also check with the limousine service that they have a backup vehicle. A backup vehicle might be important if the limousine you have chosen have a mechanical problem or gets involved in a collision before its arrival on your important day.

In addition to the reliability, you should check how you will pay for the vehicle and get all of it written down in a contract or another form of written agreement. You will need to check how much the limousine cost per hour and if you have to use it for a minimum number of hours. Most companies demand that you rent the limousine for at least 3 or 4 hours.

You should also check how much you have to pay in deposit when you order the limousine and if gratuity is included in the price. It is common practice that you have to pay around 20% in deposit and anywhere between 0 and 20% in gratuity.

A checklist of all the things you need to check when you rent a limousine can be found on the website Limo Head. Here you can also find a lot of other information about limousines and limouse services.

Article Source: www.articlebliss.com

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