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5 Things To Look For in Your Wedding Photographer

By Shala Ellison

1. Experience: Experience is number one for a reason. You donít want No Name Joe to shoot your wedding just because heís your cousinís ex husbandís brother and heíll do it for cheap. Get someone that has shot more than one wedding. The more experience the better. If someone has used them before and would recommend their work...even better. Get someone who is established in the business, even if you have to pay a little more. I can guarantee that you will be much happier with the end result.

2. Look at their portfolio: Check out their artistic style. You donít want someone whoís going to go and change all of your pictures if you are a very simple person, or vice versa. Make sure that their photos reflect how you want your day captured. Just because they were right for your friend, doesnít mean that they are going to be right for you.

3. Personality: Itís hard to have an unfamiliar person take your pictures since they are a complete stranger! Make sure that you have a chance to meet with the photographer that will be taking your photos, so that you have an opportunity to get to know them and feel comfortable around them. If you arenít comfortable with their personality, then itís going to be difficult to get gorgeous photos like you want. Going with a very personable photographer that will help you feel at ease on your big day will help you get the end result that you want from your wedding.

4. Equipment: Do they have the proper equipment?? Like I stated before, you donít want No Name Joe to run around because heís got a camera and can take a pretty picture. Itís your wedding day! Itís about more than that. Find someone who has the proper lighting equipment in case of shadows or other inconsistencies. Ask them if they have back up equipment. (Equipment does break, not very often, but itís best to make sure.) If they use film, ask them how much they will be carrying with them. You donít want to miss out on a big moment just because your photographer ran out of film.

5. Price: Okay, it is your big day, but you canít go totally overboard. You can love a photographerís work, but you canít hate yourself because you spent too much money. Pick a wide price range, and try to get something that fits in your budget that you will be happy with. If you go under, kudos to you. If you go over, be 100% sure that it is what you absolutely want. Try to let the photographer know that you are on a budget and state your price range. See what they can do for you, and you just might get a deal.

But, even beyond these 5 tips, I want to leave one more with you. Have fun on your wedding day. Donít worry about anything that might have gone wrong. Just enjoy your day and relish in the happiness that you are feeling. Your pictures will be wonderful when you have fun.

Shala Ellison is a freelance photographer and a hair stylist at Hairport located at 161 East 30 North in American Fork, Utah. To schedule an appointment call 801-921-3136

Article Source: Original Submission to WasatchBride.com

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