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Choosing a Wedding Videographer

By James Ellison

Wedding Videography has become a popular and important part of capturing the feeling, images, and magic of your wedding day. A videographer may even capture moments and experiences that the busy couple is too involved to notice. But how do you get the right videographer for the job?


Most brides are on a budget and cost is an important factor. Typically, those videographers with the best equipment and the most experience, will cost more money. That doesn't mean that there aren't those who charge a little less and do a fantastic job. Decide what you have in your budget for videography, and then shop among those in that price range to find the best quality.


Results will usually be best when using a professional videographer. Uncle Bob may have good equipment, but does he have the skills and techniques to create more than an amateur home movie. Look for an experienced videographer that has been in business for a while and has done a variety of work. You don't want to be someone's "practice!"


Seeing samples of the artists work is critical. It will give you a feel for the types of shots they will take and what they can do. You way want to see both a demo of their best shots, and a more complete piece of a single wedding. This will allow you to see what variety of shots they offer and separate those who get a few great shots each wedding and tie them together into an impressive demo from those who do a great job from finish to end.

What their package includes

Find out exactly what their packages include. For example, I find photo Montage that include 50 or less pictures to be a bit short and feel incomplete. Also, determine if their reception coverage includes the beginning to end. Some event coverage's have time limits and you may be charged extra if the reception runs a little long or they may leave before capturing all of the moments you would like.


Satisfied customers is one of the best traits of a good videographer. Talk to others who have used their services and see how happy they are with their videos.

Taking a little time and effort in selecting your videographer can make the difference between having a good video, or having a great one!

James Ellison is the owner of Ellison Video Productions L.L.C. and a frequent contributor to Wasatch Bride electronic magazine. He has over a decade of experience with computer multimedia and videography

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