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A Sad Story

Copyright © Tyler Ellison

The other day while I was working I received a phone call from a potential client. Naturally I was excited to talk to them about how I could help them. My excitement disappeared, however, as the conversation revealed that the person on the other end of the phone met with disaster in videography. The worst kind imaginable.

Some relative volunteered to video the couple’s wedding. For some reason the couple chose to trust this family member with an enormous responsibility: capturing a once in a lifetime event. Two problems always surface when this happens.

#1 The family member does not enjoy the activity as the others did since he was focused on trying to tape everything.

#2 There is no guarantee or even assurance that the event will be properly captured. The couple has no way to protect themselves since they chose to “be frugal” and have a family member with a Digital 8 and iMovie be their videographer.

The client on the phone didn’t have to tell me that those two things were happening because I already knew. This person called and begged to know if there was any way the footage could be saved. As soon as I heard the words “everything was backlit” I just wanted to scold the customer for being so foolish. It’s possible to improve backlit subjects by changing the expose with filters but there is no real way of totally saving them.

If you’re considering trusting a family member with videography of anything that’s important, make sure they offer a satisfaction guarantee and are really qualified for professional quality work. Otherwise, give someone like me a call who has been trained for this kind of work and will guarantee your satisfaction.

Tyler Ellison is affiliated with Ellison Video Productions as a producer and marketing director.

Article Source: Videographer's Corner

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