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Keeping Children Entertained and Safe at Weddings

By Jen Guazo

Weddings are a family time, a time to catch up with friends and families in order to celebrate a new beginning. However we have all been at that memorable wedding where the children have run riot and taken over during the festivities.

Some children may be kept occupied with special roles such as page boy, flower girl and ring bearer and the responsibility for the behaviour of the smallest of the wedding party lies with the chief bridesmaid/matron of honour. But what strategies can the bride and groom put into place to keep the remaining little angels entertained during the reception? The following are some ideas that donít cost the earth but will go to ensuring that all of the guests have a lovely time.

During the ceremony

Many children will be able to stay entertained by the novelty of the occasion. For a young child their special cuddly toy or blanket is a must, games that beep and squeak should be left at home.

During the reception

Many brides and grooms spend a lot of time and money on creating favors for the wedding party but often donít include items for children.

Wedding Party Bags themed for children are easy to put together and donít have to be expensive. Children can be entertained for ages with a blank piece of paper and pencils. At the start of the speeches, a time when many children get restless, a colouring competition could be announced. This will keep many entertained especially if they know that there will be prizes at the end. In addition the bride and groom will have additional keepsakes if the drawing theme is about the wedding.

As a word of caution stickers may be a party bag favourite but not for weddings - they may be stuck on regrettable places such as the brides dress!

Plates/Glasses Children under 5 years may need either plastic glasses arranged or straws. For young children paper plates may also be more suitable.

Balloons are a common feature of many weddings, but rather than have your smaller guests upset your dťcor ensure that you tie a balloon to the back of each childís chair.

Babies. If there are young babies at the reception remember to make arrangements for heating up baby food and bottles. A little extra preparation to ensure that there are adequate nappy changing facilities will also be appreciated. Young babies will be too small for party bags but a special bib or small age suitable toy makes a lovely finishing touch.

Wedding cake. If you are having a traditional iced fruitcake only the most adventurous child will partake. But children love cake and it is always a shame that they miss out on something that is a very adult taste. For 5 minutes effort some homemade or shop bought gingerbread men, or other such kiddies treats, would go down well.

Dancing. If there is going to be a disco or band remember to include some popular dances for the children.

Towards the end of the evening it is time to help parents calm down over excited little wedding guests. A couple of popular dvdís and a portable player, if there are no facilities at the reception, will help achieve this as long as there is a responsible person to help oversee them.

Jen Guazo from http://www.braceletsnbrides.co.uk

Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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