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How to Carefully Choose Your Wedding Videographer

In a recent survey, only about half of potential brides listed their videographer as one of the top 10 elements of their wedding day. Yet, after marriage, that same survey showed that nearly 80% of brides listed the wedding video as one of the most important features. After the vows have been exchanged, and the cake has been cut, wedding photography and videography will become the treasured keepsakes of that special day.

Amazing Wedding Planning

Now, I'm not a wedding planner by profession, but I'm a bride who has just been married. And that's exactly why you should listen to me. Because "Just-Been-Married Bride" can give you a lot more than what professional wedding planners can. I can tell you things that most wedding planners don�t know or feel.

Wedding Shower Invitation Basics And Proper Etiquette

Just as a wedding takes a lot of preparation and a number of decisions need to be made to make it perfect, so too does a wedding shower take a lot of work. You need to pick a location that will make the couple feel comfortable, decide on food to serve that the couple will enjoy, select an appropriate color scheme and theme, create and send out wedding shower invitations, etc.

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Keeping Children Entertained and Safe at Weddings

Weddings are a family time, a time to catch up with friends and families in order to celebrate a new beginning. However families means children and it is often difficult to keep children entertained during both the ceremony and reception. Here are some inexpensive tips that may help.

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Just Launched:

Utah Wedding Podcast

Watch the wedding planning show
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