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Your Wedding Venue: A Videographer's Perspective

By James Ellison

When most couples choose the venue for their wedding day, the considerations of their videographer are not even remotely on their minds. Yet a few simple questions or considerations can greatly enhance what will be one of the most abiding aspects of their big day, that is, their wedding video.


Most couples greatly consider the picturesque nature and ambiance of their ceremony and reception venue. Some venues may be chosen because of access to a dance floor or a bar. These can be decorated in such a way to enhance their beauty. Consider centerpieces and plants that can create opportunities to shoot through and around. Make decoration a priority and seek input from the videographer, who can look for those options that will create memorable shots.

Most couples consider the beauty and scenery for the day so usually this is not the problem.. But do they consider room, spacing, and lines of sight. Where will the photographer and videographer be placed. If you consult with your photographer and videographer, they can map out the places to set cameras that will allow the best shots while being the least obtrusive.


Lighting is very important in both photography and videography. Because of the use of the flash in photography, most lighting situations can be corrected for that split second to get the shot. But because video shots take time to develop, the lighting of the venue becomes a critical part.

I once shot a reception that was decorated in low lighting with little twinkle lights strung around the venue. Although it looked nice and romantic, it was a nightmare to shoot. Every shot was either too dark, or I had to mount a light on the camera to shine at every subject while I was shooting. A little more light, and it could have still been beautiful, romantic, and videogenic.

Also consider the position of reception lines or time of day with consideration for lighting. Will placing us near this window create a backlighting problem? Will shooting here in the afternoon create harsher lighting conditions?


Consider sound as a part of your venue. Being married next to a large waterfall may be breath-taking, but it is also sure to be an audio nightmare. Consider any background or surrounding area noise as well. I have had people who had receptions where there was an artificial waterfall or small stream running by. Once I had a couple married at a garden reception center that was great, but there was a generator running at a nearby property that was picked-up all too clearly on my shotgun microphone. If you choose such a venue, be sure to use wireless microphones that are designed to pick up only close sounds. That way any background noise can be reduced or even eliminated.

Consulting with your videographer can help you answer such questions and insure that your videographer can help you look your very best, not only on your wedding day, but every time you watch your wedding video.

James Ellison creates utah wedding videos and often writes free utah wedding planning artices for Wasatch Bride Electronic Magazine.

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