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Your Wedding Venue: A Videographer's Perspective

When most couples choose the venue for their wedding day, the considerations of their videographer are not even remotely on their minds.

EZ Wedding Planning

Now, I'm not a wedding planner by profession, but I'm a bride who has just been married. And that's exactly why you should listen to me. Because "Just-Been-Married Bride" can give you a lot more than what professional wedding planners can. I can tell you things that most wedding planners don�t know or feel.

How to Be More Videogenic: The Sequel

About a year ago I wrote a short article on how to be more, what I call, videogenic. By videogenic, I mean that we all know those people who look good I pictures, no matter what the situation.

Utah Wedding Videographers

The Montage: Your Love Story in Pictures

A well done wedding video montage should give guests a window into your personalities and your lives.

Treasured Memories Video
For Occasions You Want Remembered
Randall & Merialice Stoddard - (801) 224-5513
1260 North 100 East, Orem, Utah

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Just Launched:

Utah Wedding Podcast

Watch the wedding planning show
for free on your iPod!

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